INTO help

What is INTO

INTO is designed to help and speed up innovation processes. INTO can be used to:

  1. Collect ideas
  2. Let people evaluate the ideas
  3. INTO can calculate which ideas were evaluated to be the best

INTO concepts

INTO has a concept of project which is a starting point to collect similar processes together. So a project can contain many processes.

A process

is one case or situation and it contains the ideas and evaluations.

Usage rights

INTO has a fine-grained user access control to allow registered user to do certain actions with projects and processes. Access can be given to:
  • Project
  • Project content
  • Process
  • Process content

Project access

Project access means access to project properties.

Project content access

Project content access means access to project content which is the processes in the project. When a user is given project content access that right is inherited to all processes in the project. To allow a user to create new processes he/she needs Create right to project content.

Process access

Process access means access to process properties.

Note! If a user has a Full control access to a process then he/she can give him/herself access to the process content!
Note! If a user has a Edit access to a process then he/she can view and edit idea add keys and evaluation keys!

Process content access

Process content access means access to process content which is the ideas and statistics of the process.

Note! When a user creates a new process then he/she is given Full control acccess to that process and it's content.

Usage right levels

INTO has following usage rights:

  • View only
  • Create
  • Delete
  • Edit
There is also Modify control which contains permissions View only, Create, Delete and Edit.
Full control which contains all permissions. Some actions requires Full control access level.
There is a special permission Deny access which denies user access. This can be used for example to disallow user access to process when the use inherits access rights from project content.